Sunday, 3 May 2015

Mobile Working

Mobile working can keep us balanced. Work becomes something we do rather than a place we go. We are always ‘on’ anyway constantly checking our devices so work become intertwined with our personal lives rather than a starting and stopping point. By eliminating or reducing commuting times we can replace some of that time with our families giving us better work life balance but we can also give back to our company. Studies have shown in fact that we end up working more hours not less when given this flexibility. Ask any business owner and you will find they never shut off.  Flexible working can also reduce stress as we can keep on top of work while we need to be out of the office rather than having to catch up.

Consumers also expect businesses to provide service during the traditional non-working hours and in providing flexible work solutions this can be done more easily. Take a look at the job board for any tech company and you will find remote working as standard and traditional job hours are not even mentioned. Holiday time becomes vague, take the time you need is a common benefit offered.
Mobile working can also help employees become more creative. Distractions in the workplace and office politics can often stifle creativity and the focus becomes more on what is going on in the office rather than the job in hand.

As an employee this freedom needs to be self-managed, be mindful to have technology free times, be sure to take the time that you do need to recharge, spend time with family and ensure you can give your very best when you are turned back on. Not everyone is cut out for this working style, some need the structure and discipline of the traditional working environment. Know yourself and know your employees to decipher the best fit.